Reflections, musings, and provocations seen or heard in an around the nest.


A substitute for Facebook, which has become unbearably intrusive and commercial; a way of keeping touch with family, friends, and colleagues; a means to introduce myself to my students; a way to engage with family, friends, colleagues and students (you) in informal dialog.

Find your way around by clicking on a category (right). Newer stuff is under “Recent Posts” and, in time, will be archived to one of the other categories. To return to this (home) page click “The Aviary” at the top of your window.

You will notice that the “share” buttons providing gateways to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Tumbler do not appear; nor does the “Like” button. There are too many trolls out there, even on WordPress; limiting shares and likes maintains a bit of privacy. If you have something to say about what you see here please feel welcome to leave a reply.

I also maintain an academic blog which you are welcome to visit:  The Scholar’s Study.

* Joie points out that Frank Bruni, writing in the NYT, refers to the Conservative Political Action Committee, as “more like an aviary for the far-right “wacko birds” whom John McCain recently called out.” OK, fair enough, but that’s not this Aviary.

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