“Back in the USSR . . .

. . . but not Paul & John’s USSR with those Ukraine girls.  Trump’s USSR; as Joie says: NYET my president. I would add NYET my congress. It is astonishing how loathsome republicans can be.

Quiero vivir en el lado feliz del muro.

Upon returning to STL Denver finds an interloper in his yard. Apparently a doe gave birth to fawn while we were in México. He seems not to mind her presence . . .

The problem is that the does attract bucks, and bucks do not hesitate to charge dogs and people.

In an earlier post I wrote about how we were victims of a crime while in México – but the robbery occurred in St. Louis. Bobby, the husband of our housekeeper stole blank checks, which he made payable to Kira (our housekeeper) or to himself, and then forged Joie’s signature. In June I had to fly from San Miguel back to St. Louis to file police report.

Joie and I assumed that the forged checks were the extent of the theft. Later on, though, we did wonder whether Bobby might have helped himself to something else valuable in the house – but I wasn’t going to fly back to St. Louis just to look around.

Arriving home, Joie discovered that her sterling silver tableware and settings, gold jewelry, momentos of a sentimental nature, and other items of value were gone. She called the police and mad a report. They were able to establish that Bobby had sold our stuff to a “second-hand” store – in Missouri, when you sell valuable items, the buyer is required to photograph the items as well as the seller’s id.

Bobby’s case – actually, cases – are winding their way through the justice system.

We initially had believed that the theft was solely Bobby’s doing, but upon discovering how many things were taken we began to question whether Kira wasn’t also involved. The stuff was taken from every imaginable place in the house – cabinets, closets, boxes tucked in the corners of the basement, everywhere. The thieves were systematic and thorough, and it’s hard to believe Bobby searched everywhere without Kira’s knowledge and assistance.

The police have come to the same conclusion. She was arrested in November and faces trial in January:

I cannot say that I am glad to be back in St. Louis, although I deeply appreciate the friends, colleagues and Joie who make things enjoyable more often than I deserve. And there is much to do in preparation for our return to San Miguel which draws ever nearer.


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