Cocina Michael Coon

Riding back from the BJX airport in a BajioGo shuttle the other passenger was a very nice guy named Don Forres. We got to talking food and restaurants and he put us on to Michael Coon who does tasting meals in his home in Colonia San Antonio. Joie, Kate (our friend from St. Louis who was visiting) and I contacted Michael and made reservations. About fifteen people joined together in his kitchen. Our seats were at the front edge of the prep island where we could watch Michael and his assistants at work:

The meal began with mini-taco appetizers:

If I recall correctly, the meat was pork belly:

Followed by Kung Pao Wow chicken wings:

Here the Ahi and Yellowtail Poke Rice & Veggie Stack is coming together; first the pyramids of rice:

Then the poke:

With this result:

Next, Steak with Wasabi and Salsa Verde staged:

And served:

Deliciosas! Thank you, Don, for putting us on to Michael’s Cocina!

~ by raysparrowe on December 16, 2017.

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