A Perfect Day in SMA: Hat Shopping and Music

Days in SMA sometimes begin like this:

Or like this (OK, this is not the same day, it is the next day). Looking out from the hillside where Denver and I walk in the mornings:

Later . . .

We have been invited to the First Communion Celebration of this young man, Rodrigo. His gift from us is a sombrero. We drove out to Rancho Viejo where we met Rodrigo, his brother Jonathan, and his father Samuel, then came back into town to the Mercado de Artesanías where hats are displayed and sold. We wanted Rodrigo to pick out his favorite.

This is the one he selected:

Joie approves of Rodrigo’s selection:

On to lunch (tortas); Jonathan (left), Rodrigo (middle), and Samuel (right):

Later still . . .

Evening finds us enjoying dinner and music at Bistro Mi Casa in the Instituto Allende: the Gil Gutiérrez and Gabriel Hernandez Quartet.

Gabriel solo:


Percussion & Bass:

. . . Another just about perfect day in San Miguel de Allende!


~ by raysparrowe on July 21, 2017.

2 Responses to “A Perfect Day in SMA: Hat Shopping and Music”

  1. Fabulous – thanks for sharing. I loved the part about Rodrigo………….

  2. It’s all true about SMA!

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