Weddings in Mexico

Señora Perusquia, our ‘landlord,’ employs a young man named Raul to maintain the gardens and make repairs to the casa – no mean feat given how large it is. We were invited to Raul’s wedding and happily accepted.

The wedding took place in Rancho Viejo at one of the oldest Churches in the San Miguel/Atotonilco area, out in the country about 15 kilometers from the center of town. We decided to drive our own car rather than having to summon a taxi and give directions over the phone in our Spanish so that the driver could find the way.

I carefully consulted Google Maps and found an old Church in the Rancho Viejo area. We set off, and eventually arrived at the Church. No one was there. Wrong old Church! But we did see a couple with a young boy and asked them for directions. They, too, were on their way to Raul and Reina’s wedding; they hopped in the back and off we went to yet a different old Church:

Although the building dates from Colonial times, the inside clearly shows care and stewardship:

Raul and Reina after the ceremony and arriving at the Rancho for the reception:

Raul and Reina with their baby, Cariña – at a wedding reception, but not their wedding reception. An explanation is in order. While at Raul and Reina’s wedding, the family that rode with us from the wrong Church to the right Church – Samuel, Lorena, and Rodigo – invited us to the wedding of one of Samuel’s coworker’s sons.


The Priest stands before the entry of the Church, looking out. The groom, Bernabe, and his immediate family face the priest. The bride, Adriana, and her father stand behind. The Priest speaks to them about what is to happen when they cross the threshold of the sanctuary:

Adriane and Bernabe exchange vows, but only after the Priest has offered an animated preview of holy matrimony with its ups and downs – at times to the amusement of those gathered there.

As Communion is being celebrated in the sanctuary, the Mariachi band gathers in the outer courtyard:

The sanctuary is overflowing, so families chat outside in the courtyard. I am taken by the expression of delight on the face of the young mariachi.

The service ends, and the band is poised to greet the newlyweds:

Joie made this brief video of the Mariachi Band playing at reception for Adriana and Bernabe in Rancho Viejo.

Joie and Raul at Adriana and Bernabe’s reception:

The sombrero is a topic for another post, but Joie clearly enjoys the celebration!

Samuel and Lorena have invited us to come to their home in several weeks to celebrate Rodrigo’s first communion. The sombrero is part of this story yet to be told.



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One Response to “Weddings in Mexico”

  1. What a joy! It is extremely unusual to be invited to events like this unless you are the patron or something like that. Congrats………

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