En La Cañada – Our Neighborhood

Every morning and afternoon I walk with Denver through La Cañada, our neighborhood, and along the trails on the gentle hillside that separates us from the fancy haciendas along the golf course at the top of the hill.

Looking back (to the southeast) from the trails we see across the neighborhood and to the far mountains:

Looking forward (to the southwest) the land slopes to the presa (reservoir). Yes, that is a big house in the distance:

The big house is referred to as the “castle” by those who live out this way, but I have not yet learned any details about the Lord or Lady. Nonetheless, it is striking:

Just another San Miguel neighborhood. Except I wish I had an airplane in my back yard (if you can see the airplane, click the picture to expand it and look to the lower right):

Russell Monk has a series of photographs of the Roof Dogs of San Miguel. Here Calle Puente de Santa Teresa we have roof dogs as well. Federico, the small white guy, is especialmente feroz!


~ by raysparrowe on July 9, 2017.

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