Victims of Crime while in Mexico(!)

Conversations about moving to Mexico inevitably turn to the issues of safety and security. It’s a complicated consideration because, in one important sense, safety and security are local. Statistics comparing crime rates between cities, let alone between nations, can be misleading.

In coming to San Miguel de Allende for the summer Joie and I sought the best available data about the town and even about La Cañada, the neighborhood where we are staying. Being caught in the crossfire in a revenge shooting carried out by narcotraficantes seemed unlikely – and that hasn’t happened (although we missed the opportunity by a mere 45 minutes). More likely, by far, would be victims of some lesser crime like robbery or fraud, given the number of burglaries and such reported in our neighborhood.

Well, it’s happened. I discovered this Friday afternoon while here in Mexico that we were defrauded and robbed of over US $2000 – by someone we know.

Note that I say “while in Mexico.” The crime happened at our home in Saint Louis. A person we know and who had access to our home in our absence stole blank checks, made them payable to himself, and forged Joie’s signature. Now I have to fly back to the US to file a police report.

I guess being in Mexico is safer than being in the Saint Louis suburbs – at least so far.

~ by raysparrowe on June 17, 2017.

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