Arrival in SMA

My last post (“Trying to blow this pop stand”) was a sustained whine about the difficulties we faced preparing for our summer in San Miguel de Allende. But we made it after five days on the road. I won’t whine about the rain, the idiot in a yellow car who almost hit us in Dallas, a new Garmin GPS that got us lost (also in Dallas), etc., because actually the trip went quite well. La Quinta Inn welcomed us – Denver included – in Joplin, MO; Hillsboro, TX; and, Laredo, Texas. The folks who helped us obtain our FMM (tourist permit) and TIP (import permit for our car) were professional and competent. The route we had planned to take through Nuevo Laredo was blocked off, but people on the street were delighted to help us find an alternate route. And we flew through the 26 KM checkpoint with nothing but waves.

It’s 552 miles from Laredo to San Miguel; we split the trip into two days, staying at La Palmas Midway Hotel in Matehuala. It’s an old-fashioned motor court – you park next to the door to your room. The restaurant is quite good – the cabrito al horno we had for dinner was fantastic. Here’s Joie enjoying breakfast at one of the tables by the pool.

Coming into San Miguel on Sunday I made a wrong turn that led us into Centro where preparations for a festival were underway. Traffic was snarled, so I made a few turns hoping to break free. Bad idea – we found ourselves on what must be the steepest and narrowest street in San Miguel with nowhere to go but up. Quite a thrill!

We’re getting settled in our ‘casita’ in the LaCañada neighborhood. The view from one of the terraces (see the Summer Home: Casa Serenidad post for more pictures):

Denver is having quite a time. The Golden who lives in the Main House is in season, and he is not snipped. There was an exciting moment the other evening when Denver found a way through a gate into Chelsea’s turf – but her folks lured her inside with a cookie just in time. (I offer no commentary on this preference.)

Joie has discovered that our TV carried “Master Chef Junior – Mexico” which is perfect for building Spanish.

It’s been warm – low 90s F – but cools nicely in the evening, which it is now. Combined with the effects of altitude, I’m tired. Till next time.


~ by raysparrowe on May 11, 2017.

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