Trying to blow this pop stand! (Whine Alert)

Today is the day we leave for San Miguel de Allende. Maybe.

Preparing for a summer in Mexico has not been as easy as we had hoped. We returned from two weeks in China on April 18, me with what I believed was a cold. A few days later, Joie comes down with the same. She gets worse and worse, and goes to the doctor. Diagnosis: pneumonia. My cold lingers; I, too, see the doctor. Diagnosis: strep throat. Joie is mostly bedridden with barely enough energy to watch a British baking show. I’m like some sort of zombie. And it goes on and on, with neither of us recovering until just the last two days.

Late last week we realize that the house is uncomfortably warm. The thermostat is set to 72, but the temperature inside reads 77. The A/C is dead. Why now? Luckily, it isn’t the compressor but the fix sets us back several hundred dollar$.

Last week we also have our garage door repaired; it was temperamental – sometimes going up when the remote is pushed, sometimes not. Worked fine, till yesterday when the problems returned. Great (!) – another problem for our house-sitter to manage.

Then there is the shower in the guest bathroom – suddenly the water is not diverting from the spout for the tub to the shower head. A call to the plumber and we learn that they are booked solid for a week. Guess we’ll just leave it be while we are gone. Our house-sitter can use the other bathroom I guess.

The day after returning from China I went to the Department of Motor Vehicles to have Joie’s name listed as a co-owner of the car we are taking to Mexico. I’m told we should receive the new title by mail in 10 days or so. As of yesterday, it hasn’t arrived. Joie calls the State office, they explain that the new title was sent to an address on Hibler Oaks Drive – our old address. The title is lost. Believing we need the title to cross into Mexico we are in a panic. Should we take the other car? Buy a new car? Furious Google searching leads me to believe that Mexico will accept either the title or the current registration as evidence of ownership when crossing the border. Let’s hope that proves true; if so, the crisis is averted. We’ll have to deal with this problem when we return as well.

Finally, the weather. It’s been raining steadily in the region. About 20 miles of Interstate 44 is now closed to all traffic. That’s our intended route. And the rain continues unabated.

We begin to believe that the fates conspire against us!





~ by raysparrowe on May 3, 2017.

One Response to “Trying to blow this pop stand! (Whine Alert)”

  1. With all that you both endured prior to your drive to SMA, you have made it!! I hope you are both feeling well! Enjoy your stay!! Another thank you for sharing information regarding driving with pups to SMA! Muchas gracias!

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