Summer Home: Casa Serenidad

We signed the lease for the summer months in San Miguel D’Allende, Guanajuato Mexico. Casa Serenidad is actually a ‘casita,’ part of a larger home. Although ‘casita’ means little house, I estimate that the casita is about 1750 square feet – hardy tiny!

There is an enclosed yard . . .


. . . with an adjoining terrace:


As well as a second terrace with a view towards “La Presa” (the reservoir) in the far distance:


Inside, there is lots of light and some local touches:


As well as a warm-looking kitchen that shares the fireplace:


And floors throughout of what appears to be Mexican Saltillo tile:


The neighborhood, La Cañada, is on the Southwest side of town about 15 minutes by car from the central district (“Centro”). It is described as “a tranquil and friendly neighborhood with cobblestone streets and populated by beautiful colonial Mexican style properties with nice valley views” by the local Coldwell-Banker real estate agency.


La Cañada, and the neighborhood immediately to its South (Los Frailes), are residential and business enterprises are supposedly “barred” from locating there. But there are happy exceptions. La Cava Gourmet shop is brings specialties to the area, including lamb burger and local cheeses:


And, within easy walking distance, is the OMA restaurant:


OMA offers salted prime rib on occasional Wednesdays. Here Chef Prats has received the goods:


That eventually come to look like this:


Summer can hardly come soon enough!




~ by raysparrowe on December 3, 2016.

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