Too many bozos [deplorables] on this bus . . .

The evening before the election I was speaking with my sister. I threatened that if Donald Trump were elected, then we were moving – perhaps to Port Townsend, Washington (where Obama won handily in 2008 and 2012). Or, perhaps to Mexico, where plenty of people have been maligned by the Donald. In either place, Joie and I would be in good company. (Much of Canada is too cold, except where it isn’t it is too expensive.) That night, with Hillary predicted to win, my threat sounded empty.

Yet here we are. The election of Trump seemed unthinkable, but it is upon us. A sufficient number – not a majority, but close enough to tip the electoral college count – expressed their preference for Trump over Clinton. An impassioned rant would fit well here, but it would serve no good purpose. There is little I might offer, be it cooly reasoned argument or impassioned plea, that wasn’t said in the days before November 8. The results now are known and settled. If you voted for Hillary, you don’t need to hear the arguments for her once again. If you voted for Donald, you were entitled to your vote and the reasons for it. Here, I only scold those who chose not to vote at all: shame on you! All I find that remains to be said is what I feel in my heart: There are too many bozos [deplorables] on this bus.

Like a marriage on the rocks, we soon begin a trial separation from the US. The Spanish language program (Fluenz) was bought and loaded on the computer yesterday. We have checked to be sure that our cell phones can be used with a Telcel sim card. Even though we will be in a smaller town, Kayak tells us that flights back to the States are reasonable if we take a bus to Queretaro or Mexico City and fly from there. We’ve consulted the rules and learned that we can take Denver across the border with little paperwork and no quarantine. As early as this coming week we will commit to spend our summer months in a casita in San Miguel de Allende. If we find it agreeable, we will return the following three summers and, in 2021, we may settle there permanently.

By no means will we be suffering! San Miguel is by all accounts a lovely place, with much culture and historical significance. And there is much street food to sample and enjoy.


More to follow as our plans take shape.

~ by raysparrowe on November 26, 2016.

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