Jenny (Harvey’s Flying Jenny) and her son Murphy (Trey’s Murphy Flyer). Jenny was our first labrador. She was born in Moscow, Idaho and enjoyed nothing more than running through the wheat stubble snatching field mice, or racing short-eared owls. Murphy was from her second litter; he was a big guy (110 lbs), immensely strong, and preferred sitting in our laps.


Several years after Jenny and Murphy crossed over the Rainbow Bridge, we welcomed Crackerjack into our home from Shamrock Acres Kennels in Wisconsin. His name wasn’t about a snack food, but keeping with the aviation theme of Jenny and Murphy his name followed the British praise of being a ‘crackerjack pilot.’  He was a lively character to say the least – even in his later years, when his gait was crooked because of tearing both CCLs.


Crackerjack was followed by Willow (Glory Acres Willow), who was a sweetheart. She was (mostly) calm and demure – as when relaxing on her “Willow Pillow” while we watch TV:



Willow enjoyed going out to dinner with us – here she is at the Creve Coeur Lake House checking if all is well.


The back yard was her realm, both in summer . . .


. . . and in winter


She was especially fond of a Santa Elf cap, and would fling it about . . .


Or take it away from Joie when she was wearing it:



She would make the wild bat face when playing with Liz . . .



But more often than not she had on her smile


Willow was taken from us when she was three by an insidious form of brain cancer. Farewell, sweet girl!



Best Puppy in Breed



We now have Denver (Marsh Ridge Denver) in our midst. He is a show dog who was forced to take early retirement (age 14 months) because of bad elbows (dysplasia). His father, Sunnydaze, was ranked #4 labrador in 2012 and won ‘Best Opposite Sex” at Westminster that year.  Denver seems to have made the transition from Show Dog to House Dog quite successfully.

House Dog


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