Beneteau 210

After chartering for the past two years on the West Coast (see ‘Sailing the San Juans elsewhere on The Aviary), we decided to bite the bullet and get a small sailboat of our own. Much searching of ‘’ and ‘’ led us to a 1994 Beneteau 210 in good condition. We’ve rented a slip at the Boulder Marina at Carlyle Reservoir (Illinois’ largest inland lake) about 90 minutes from home.

The previous owner, Chuck Nitch, graciously offered to pull the boat from his home south of St. Louis to the marina and show us how to set her up. Parked at the Boulder Marina, ready for rigging.



Getting ready ….


More preparations ….


Walking the mast backward on the cradle over the stern …


Pinning the base of the mast to the step on deck


Raising the mast with the gin pole . . .


Several hours later, sails on and in the water at the slip. Not yet completely shipshape, but getting there.


This boat looks perfect for our needs – manageable, nicely equipped (tiller tamer, single line reefing), a clean and simple interior with no frills like stoves, toilets, water systems, etc.


Long bunks on each side for occasional napping or, in rare cases, camping.


The Beneteau is something of a gift I gave myself after serving for three years as an Associate Editor for the Academy of Management Journal. We finally “christened” the boat: ‘Revise and Resubmit’ [fellow academics will understand].


~ by raysparrowe on June 16, 2013.

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