This drink is referred to as a ‘Raygarita’ not because I invented it – far from it! This margarita recipe is a traditional standard (and can be found in Bayless as well as other fine Mexican cookbooks). But it is a different drink altogether from the sweet, sticky concoction served at most restaurants made from some combination of cheap tequila and artificially sweetened ‘mix.’  Several Olin MBA students coined the term ‘Raygarita’ to distinguish it from the ordinary fare.


Jessica Trotter (once an MBA student) learning to make Raygaritas.



The ingredients: a decent Resposado (I prefer Sauza Hornitos, but the Cuervo Tradicional in the colorful bottle is more photogenic), triple sec (Hiram Walker is perfectly fine; Cointreau is an unnecessary extravagance), a source of fresh lime juice, ice, and (optional) salt.


Note the equipment: a cocktail shaker, a double-sided shot ‘glass’ and a citrus juicer.



I find that one Raygarita requires the juice from one lime (YMMV).


And how much fresh lime juice is that? About 3/4 fluid ounces.


3/4 fluid ounces being exactly the capacity of the small end of the double-ended shot ‘glass’ – an into the cocktail shaker it goes.


Next, measure 3/4 fluid ounces of Triple Sec using the small end of the double-ended shot ‘glass,’ and pour it into the cocktail shaker.


Now, the tequila: 2 1/4 fluid ounces. That’s equal to adding contents of the small end to the big end of the double-ended shot ‘glass.’ Pour into the cocktail shaker.


… and add some ice. Shake … no, wait, put the cover and cap snugly on the shaker, and shake (not stir, get it?). Shake until the shaker is too cold to hold with your bare hands.


Like salt on the rim? Line out some salt and rub (wet) the rim with a lime half; then rotate the rim of the glass in the salt, coating it.


Now (at last!) pour the contents of the Shaker into the glass and you have a Raygarita.

Making more than one Raygarita? Scale up; the proportions are 1 part fresh lime juice to one part Triple Sec to three parts Tequila. Simple as that.


Warning: Unlike restaurant Margaritas, Raygaritas are potent. One is sufficient! More than one is dangerous!

~ by raysparrowe on April 26, 2013.

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